Welcome To Delhi Pharmacy Council

Delhi Pharmacy Council is glad to inform you that Delhi Pharmacy Council Registered Pharmacists Welfare Trust (Read.) has been created on 23.02.2004 and introduced a scheme for the benefits of the Registered Pharmacists in Delhi in order to extend the services of giving financial security to the survivors of Registered Pharmacists in the event of Death of the Pharmacists upto the tune of Rs. 50000/-(Rupees Fifty Thousand only) and will further be extended to the ailing Registered Pharmacists for their medical needs and many more Welfare Scheme depending on the response as mentioned in the objectives of the Trust. No doubt it is not a mandatory but whole scheme is for the welfare of the regd. Pharmacists.

This is the first Scheme of its kind in the Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi, for the welfare of the Pharmacists approved by the 5th Delhi Pharmacy Council members. We hope you will appreciate this scheme and enroll yourself as one of the member and also ask your fellow Pharmacists to become the member of this trust.